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Share your excitement for sports with a customized fundraiser!
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Customized Apparel and Gear

Fundraising can be a drag, but your team needs money for new equipment. We totally get it. Wouldn’t you rather spend time practicing with your team and winning?
That’s why we started Oh the Humanitees, a unique fundraising opportunity with no upfront costs, zero minimum orders, and fast shipping.

No Upfront Costs

Save your money for your team. Get started today without paying a dime. When your first sale comes through, we’ll send you the check.

No Minimums

Our technology allows us to forgo any minimum print requirement. Sell one shirt? Sure. Sell 2,000? Why not! This fundraiser grows with you.

No Waiting

Traditional campaign-based shirt fundraisers hold production until the campaign is over and the minimum requirement is met. We don’t. Production starts the second the first order comes in.

Have a design idea?

Our professionals will set up everything for you.
Seriously. No hassle fundraising.

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