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Top 5 Fundraising Ideas For Teams and Nonprofits

So you need to raise some money for your team or organization? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ll go over the top 5 fundraising ideas, so your organization can focus on what matters.

#5 Text-to-Give Campaign

Fundraising Idea: Text-to-Give

Texting is also a great way to reach your supporters. It’s fast, easy, and convenient seeing that many of your supporters are on their phone already. Companies like Qgiv provide the platform to set up your text-to-give campaigns. It’s easy for you to set up and even easier for your supporters to give.

#4 Crowdfunding

Fundraising Idea: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has become very popular with the increased used of social media. Organizations and individuals alike can start an online fundraiser to raise awareness and money. These campaigns vary greatly in issue. Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe are more successful if you can inspire your followers to share your message. The more shares you get, the greater your chances of finding new donors. Be sure to share your organization’s message and make it look professional. You don’t want fundraisers like these to seem like spam. Let your supporters know what the funding will go toward.

#3 Charity Auction

Fundraising Idea: Silent Auction

Charity auctions are great because they allow you to have personal interactions with your supporters. That being said, they require a significant amount of preparation and some initial expenses. If you plan to host a silent auction, be sure to think about things such as venue, auction items, and entertainment. Local business may be willing to donate their services or products as part of the auction. In order to get the most out of it, think about who your supporters are and what they might be interested in buying.

#2 Matching Gifts

Fundraising Idea: Matching Gifts

Matching Gifts sites, like Double the Donation, let you accept donations online with the added benefit of matching gifts. Hundreds of companies match their employees’ contributions every year. Sometimes those employees just don’t know. You can maximize funds by letting these sites check if a donor’s employee offers a gift matching program. If so, the match is automatically processed through the site.

#1 T-Shirt Fundraiser

Fundraising Idea: T-shirt Fundraiser

These fundraisers are great because they don’t require any upfront cost. You get paid for every shirt your supporters purchase. These fundraisers are great to grow funds an raise awareness for your cause or team. Most t-shirt fundraisers wait until the end of a campaign to print and ship your shirts. At Oh the Humanitees, we print each item the second it comes in. That means your supporters will never have to wait to show off their new favorite shirt.

If shirts aren’t your style, try something more unique. How about socks? Backpacks? You choose the product and we’ll print it. All you need to worry about is sharing it with your followers.

Have more fundraising ideas? Leave a comment below.

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